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Based in Davis, CA, we proudly offer our services in the greater Sacramento, South bay, and Santa Rosa areas.
Want to climb better, alleviate knee pain, or just feel more comfortable on the bike in general? We're here to help.
We specialize in dynamic, live video fitting to best leverage technology for your benefit.
Ever wanted to smooth out your pedal stroke to eek out every bit of efficiency? well now you can! Contact us to ask about our bike fitting services today.
Mobile Bike Fitting
Wanting that professional bike fit but can't find the time to make two or even three multihour trips to your local bike shop? We come to you with our mobile bike fit and pedal analysis.  Using our live motion capture technique, we guarantee a great fit, more comfortable ride, and a smoother pedal stroke.  Moreover, we realize the need for ongoing fit analysis as your needs change with your skill level.  Click through to see our packages and ongoing support options as you progress as a cyclist  
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Dynamic Video Imaging
We use hi-resolution motion capture to analyse both pedal stroke and overall positoin on the bike.  This enables us to determine optimal rider position and cleat and shoe placement based on your desired type of riding.  Using 8 motion trackers, we are able to map in real time all joints as you progress through your pedal stroke.  This minimizes set up time and allows you to get riding sooner!

A traditional bike fit relies on educated guesses to determine the angle your joints make and whether or not you're in the correct position.  This often involves having to stop mid pedal stroke to take measurements and view body postion.  Stopping mid pedal forces your muscles to contract in ways you wouldn't while riding naturally.  With our dynamic video fit options, you get fit and measured without stopping your pedal stroke resulting in a more precise fit.

Pedal Stroke Analysis

Using our motion capture techniques, we are able to highlight the ineffecient areas or 'dead spot' of your pedal stroke, allowing us to view when and for how long you apply power during each revolution.  Interestingly, we are also able to spot the effects of any injuries (recent or enduring).  The image at left is a power output graph for a rider who had broken their ankle several months prior; the blip or lack in power on the negative y axis illustrates the manifestation of this injury.  

Injury Correction

We are able to take this input and combine it with certain non-typical chainrings (oval or osymetric) to help correct for any injury induced variations in power through proper alignment of such chainrings.  Of course it goes without saying, a smoother pedal stroke is a more efficient pedal stroke; and increased efficiency will keep you riding longer and happier.